This version of the User Management Tool (UMT) is designed specifically for customers utilizing the Policy Based Administration feature and differs from typical UMT setup instructions. For more information about Policy Based Administration, see Knowledge Center article CTX217124. For customers utilizing the UMT without the policy administration feature, see the current version of UMT documentation.

About User Management Tool

The User Management Tool enables you to provision employee user accounts and distribution groups from Active Directory (AD).

The User Management Tool enables you to match ShareFile accounts to AD based on email address. It provisions and updates user information in ShareFile. In addition to distribution group membership, the tool allows you to specify policies a user is a part of, and to create multiple, named synchronization jobs that you can run repeatedly.

What’s new

What’s new in 1.17.2

  • This release addresses connection timeouts related to slow proxy configurations.

What’s new in 1.16.4

  • This release addresses a number of issues that include:
    • Logging enhancements
    • Proxy file handling

What’s new in 1.15

  • This release addresses a number of issues that help to improve overall performance and stability.

What’s new in 1.14

  • Improved performance when loading and working with large numbers of rules and large numbers of ShareFile/Citrix Content Collaboration employees

  • Logging enhancements

What’s new in 1.13

  • Improved performance when loading and working with large number of Rules

  • Logging enhancements

What’s new in 1.12

  • The User Management Tool 1.12+ (for Policy Based Administration accounts) now defaults to the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol. As part of this change, the Proxy Configuration Tool has also been updated to support TLS 1.2 and .NET 4.5.

What’s new in 1.11

  • Log Archiving

  • Added the ability to relink users in your ShareFile account. More details on how this flow works can be found here: Relinking users in your ShareFile account.

  • Removed the contact information for ShareFile Support under the UMT help menu and instead replaced with information for Citrix Support.

What’s new in 1.10

  • Consolidated the User and Groups tab into one tab and modified the Rule created flow to improve ease of use.

  • The User and Groups tab was consolidated into a ‘Search’ tab.

  • When creating a rule, you now can specify whether the rule is a User Rule, Group Rule or both.

  • An ‘Export Actions’ button was added to the ‘Rules’ tab which runs a simulation of the rules and creates a .sim file in the logs.

  • The help text guide on the right of the User Rule creation page was updated to reflect Policy Based Administration.

  • Link to Proxy Configuration Tool was added to the login page for easy access.

What’s new in 1.9

  • User Management Tool 1.9 is designed for customers utilizing ShareFile’s Policy-Based Administration feature. The PBA feature allows ShareFile Enterprise Administrators to apply policies to groups of users for more efficient assignment and management of user permissions. Policy creation is done via the Web Application and Policy assignment can be performed through the User Management Tool (UMT) or the ShareFile API.