Migrate users between storage zones

ShareFile offers a variety of storage options, including Citrix-managed cloud storage in multiple worldwide locations as well as storage that you manage with the ShareFile storage zone controller. The User Management Tool enables you to migrate ShareFile users, based on their membership in AD groups or Organizational Units (OUs), between storage zones.


This migration includes user data but not shared data. User’s data includes any file box data.

  1. In the User Management Tool (non-policy based administration), select the Zones tab.

  2. In the Active Directory listing, select the group or OU containing the users you want to migrate.

    The group or OU that you select does not need to correspond to an existing rule. You will have the option to remove individual users from the selection.

    A list of AD users who already have ShareFile accounts appears.

  3. Choose a storage zone from the drop-down menu above the list of users.

    The User Management Tool selects each user who is not already in the zone you chose.

  4. As needed, change the user selection by selecting or clearing individual check boxes. To clear all check boxes, click Clear All.

  5. To start the migration, select Apply.

    The User Management Tool schedules the data migration and lets you know that the zone has been changed for the user accounts. The data migration is transparent to users and can take days or weeks to complete, depending on the amount of data.

Migrate users between storage zones

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