About ShareFile User Management Tool

Mar 13, 2017

The User Management Tool enables you to provision employee user accounts and ShareFile distribution groups from Active Directory (AD).

User Management Tool architecture

The User Management Tool:

  • Enables provisioned users to log in to ShareFile using their AD credentials.

  • Stores user account provisioning rules with your account information in the ShareFile cloud.

    You can install the tool on any machine and access your rules by logging in to your ShareFile account.

  • Matches ShareFile accounts to AD based on email address, links your existing ShareFile employee accounts to AD, and updates employee account information in ShareFile.

  • Enables you to specify options, including the authentication method and default StorageZone, for each provisioning rule.

  • Enables you to use distribution groups to manage folders and easily share documents with a group.

  • Keeps ShareFile in sync with AD changes based on the schedule you specify.

    You can create multiple, named synchronization jobs in the User Management Tool. To run a job, the User Management Tool uses the same Windows user context that was active when the job was scheduled.

  • Supports a proxy server connection between the User Management Tool and ShareFile.

  • Includes a log file to help with troubleshooting ShareFile API-related issues.

Important: The XenMobile console enables you to perform ShareFile configuration and to monitor service levels and license usage. If you are using XenMobile with ShareFile, refer to the XenMobile documentation.

About ShareFile User Management Tool

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