Growing, Improving and Never Compromising on Efficiency: Metonymy Media on Podio

There’s a certain special feeling in learning how Podio helps small businesses grow. Or to put it another way: how Podio grows with small businesses.

Around a year-and-a-half ago, I first spoke to Ryan Brock, CEO and founder of Metonymy Media. He explained how his creative writing agency – with a team of three staff and several interns – was using Podio to organize all their assignments and how sharing a workspace with clients helped them produce content the clients loved.

Recently I called Ryan for an update, and I was left sounding like a distant relative who’s just seen a younger family member for the first time in years: “My, haven’t you grown!”

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Now with 10 staff members and an ever-increasing client base, Metonymy have expanded how they use Podio to leverage their growing team and “get into new lines of work that [they] never thought were possible before.”

As an agency, Metonymy creates shared workspaces on Podio for their team and each client. They’ve built a standard set of project apps that they add to each workspace, before modifying them to suit the specific work they do for their clients ‒ whether that’s writing blog posts, website copy or even wording for pizza boxes!

A great point Ryan puts forward in the video is how organizing projects this way enables his team to spend “at least an hour less a day on project management” for two reasons. First, setting up a new project is quick, and the process isn’t reinvented each time; it’s just entails refining it for the particular client.

And second, all the writers have to do is wait for the notification about a new project, read the style guide attached there and then upload the work via Podio’s Dropbox integration to have it reviewed by the creative director and client. That means Podio has enabled Metonymy to become “better, faster and much more focused on just doing the work and doing it well.”

I love how the team at Metonymy took the step from an office whiteboard to Podio so early in building their company and how the flexibility of Podio has enabled them to grow without compromising on efficiency.

Growing, Improving and Never Compromising on Efficiency: Metonymy Media on Podio

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