Quick Start Guide to Real Estate

A well organized and clean Real Estate Management tool is hard to come by. One of the biggest issues with platforms is the inability to customize the tool to fit your specific needs, whether it is Lead Management, Property Management, Projects, Client, Meetings, etc…

If you haven’t created your Podio account already, you can sign up here.

Podio has a way to fill all of your needs regardless of the Real Estate niche you are associated with. We have made it easy for you with a recommended custom App Pack to get you started. Remember that you can always modify the templates to fit your team’s processes.

You can find a full suite of industry specific app packs here.

Watch the full Real-Estate Webinar below to understand how Podio can work for you!

If you need help with set-up, we have partners worldwide to consult and assist with implementation of your custom needs. Request a Podio consultant and partner here.


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Quick Start Guide to Real Estate

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