Upgrade features

With a paid organization, you gain access to the following features:

  • Add more users: On the Basic, Plus or Premium tiers, you can invite more employees and more external users to Podio. External users are free and unlimited. You only pay for your internal employees.

    Note: Your organization needs a company domain attached to get unlimited external members. Having a domain attached is how we determine who is an employee or an external member. If you don’t have a company domain added to your organization, contact support before upgrading.

  • Add unlimited items: On the Basic, Plus or Premium tiers, you can create unlimited items in all apps and workspaces.
  • Reporting and User Management: Allows administrators to see how the users behave and when they log in to Podio:
    • Overview of Podio usage in your organization
    • Updates in real time
    • Find out how your paid seats are being used
    • Remove users from your organization
  • Read-only item share: Lets you share specific items with someone without giving them the ability to edit those items. This feature is available on the Plus and Premium tiers.
  • User Permissions: You gain access to new roles to assign users.
    • Organization admins: The admin can determine and lock the name, URL, and domain of the organization.
    • Light users: Plus and Premium organizations also can set Light users in workspaces. This role gives you more control over what members in your workspaces can do. Light users can’t edit, add, or delete apps, nor can they invite other members to your workspaces. They can still see and comment on all activity in the space they’re invited to. They can also post in the activity stream and in apps. This feature makes it easy to work with clients, partners, investors, or suppliers in Podio. They don’t get confused by edit, modify, or settings buttons and can provide real-time feedback in a structured manner.
  • Advanced Workflows: Plus and Premium organizations get access to the Advanced Workflow tool. This tool lets you create detailed automations that save you time and really get Podio working for you.
  • Visual Reports: Premium organizations can access the report visualization tool. This tool lets you display your reports in a table, bar chart, or line graph.
  • GlobiFlow: Premium organizations get access to GlobiFlow. This tool is a comprehensive automation tool that turns Podio into a much more sophisticated and dynamic business management system.
Upgrade features

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