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Migrate ShareFile data

There are multiple ways to migrate ShareFile data from one on-premises zone to another.

  • Migrate via Web Portal or User Management Tool
  • Migrate via PowerShell Script
  • Migrate via ZoneFix Tool


  • Make sure that the source zone is reachable from the destination zone and unblock the outbound connections to the source Storage Center.
  • To test the connection between zones, access the source zone’s external address by navigating to it in a browser on the destination zone. If the connection is successful, the ShareFile logo appears.

Migrate via Web Portal or User Management Tool

In the ShareFile web application, you can initiate the migration of data between zones for an individual user, or for a specific folder.


Saving the following changes immediately triggers an asynchronous migration operation to upload existing files to the new zone. New files uploaded to the folder during this migration period proceeds to the new zone.

Migrate data for a specific user - Navigate to People, then locate the Employee user. Click the user to view their profile page. Under Storage Location, select a new zone (if one has already been installed and configured.)

Web app user zone

Migrate data for a specific folder - Navigate to the folder and access the More Options menu to the right of the folder name. Click Advanced Folder Settings. Using the menu, select a new zone.

Web app folder zone

Migration process

First, files queued for migration create a placeholder file in a Queue folder within the Storage Location of the original zone.

Once the placeholder file is successfully processed, the migrated file is deleted from the persistentstorage of the original zone and added to the persistentstorage of the new zone.

Migrate date queue folder

Migrate via PowerShell

The ShareFile PowerShell SDK allows users to download large folder structures from their original zone location and upload those folders to a new zone.

Requirements - PowerShell 4+ and .NET 4.x+ is required to run and install the SDK. PowerShell 5.x can be downloaded here as part of the Windows Management Framework 5.1.

Migrate via Zone Fix tool

The Zone Fix tool is a command line tool. Written by storage zones developers, the tool leverages the ShareFile API to target folder IDs for migration to a specific zone.

For optimal performance, this method is recommended for folders less than 2 GB in size.

Migrate ShareFile data