Storage zones controller

Reconcile the ShareFile cloud with a storage zone

A problem, such as a disk failure, that causes data loss in your local storage results in an inconsistent state between your local storage and the metadata stored in the ShareFile cloud. You can automatically reconcile those differences so that metadata for files no longer in your storage zone on a specified date and time are permanently removed from the ShareFile cloud.


Perform a reconcile only if you have irrecoverable data loss in your local file storage. A reconcile permanently erases the metadata from the ShareFile cloud for any files that are not found in your local file storage as of the date and time that you specify.

  1. Click Admin and then click Storage zones.
  2. Click the zone name and then click Reconcile Files.
  3. Click in the Reconcile Date text box and select a date and time.
  4. Click Reconcile. A confirmation dialog box appears.
Reconcile the ShareFile cloud with a storage zone

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