Storage zones controller

Transfer files to a new network share

Before setting up a new network share for private data storage:


  • Storage zones controllers belonging to the same storage zone must use the same file share for storage.
  • Storage zones controllers access the share using the IIS Account Pool user. By default, application pools operate under the Network Service user account, which has low-level user rights. A storage zones controller uses the Network Service account by default.
  • The Network Service account must have full access to this storage location.
  • Disable storage zone controllers for new uploads before transferring any data to the new share. In the web application, navigate to Admin Settings > StorageZones. Select the zone name. Under Storage Centers, select each host server. To terminate traffic to each host server, deselect the option Enabled under Server Settings.
  1. Open the storage zones configuration page: http://localhost/configservice/login.aspx.
  2. Click Modify.
  3. In Storage Location, enter the UNC path to your network share, in the form \\server\share and then click Save.


    Storage zones controller overwrites any data in this path with a proprietary storage format. As a best practice, never specify a path to a location with file data. Reserve this storage location for storage zones for ShareFile Data only.

  4. If the credentials for the UNC path of your new network share location differ from the previous one, specify the Storage Logon and Storage Password.
  5. Restart the IIS server of all zone members.
  6. Log in to the configuration page of all zone members.
  7. Copy the entire directory structure, including SCkeys.txt, to the new server.
Transfer files to a new network share