Storage zones controller

Manage storage zones for ShareFile data

You can use storage zones for ShareFile Data with or instead of the ShareFile-managed cloud.


If you are deleting a primary storage zone controller, demote it before continuing. For more information, see Demote and promote storage zone controllers.

Move home folders and File Boxes between zones

Use the following steps to move home folders and File Boxes between zones. Alternatively, use the ShareFile User Management Tool to migrate users between zones.

  1. Click Home and then navigate to the folder.
  2. In the right navigation pane, click Edit Folder Options.
  3. From the storage zone menu, select a zone and then click Save.

Create a folder in a storage zone

  1. Click Home and then click Folders.
  2. On the Folder tab, click Add Folder.
  3. Specify the folder information. For Storage Site, select the storage zone where you want this folder and its contents to be stored.
  4. Click Create Folder.
  5. Configure the folder as usual. When you create a folder, you can choose whether to use the ShareFile-managed cloud storage or your local storage zone.

Rename or delete a storage zone


Before deleting a storage zone, back it up. Deleting a zone erases all files and folders in that zone and you cannot undo the operation.

  1. Click Admin and then click Storage zones.
  2. Click the zone name.
    • To rename the zone: Click Edit Zone, type a new name, and then click Save Changes.
    • To delete the zone: Click the zone name and then click Delete Zone.


Storage zone controllers cannot be renamed/deleted if:

  • ShareFile data migration is in progress - Complete the data migration before attempting to delete the storage zone.

  • ShareFile data exists on the zone - Migrate or delete all existing data before attempting to delete the Storage Zone.

Customize storage cache operations

ShareFile user requests are managed with the storage zones controller. This includes: file uploads, downloads, and deletions. The storage zones controller then communicates with the connected storage. For example, if the connected storage is a supported third-party storage system and a ShareFile user uploads a file, the ShareFile client sends the file to the persistent storage cache. Storage zones controller then uploads the file to the third-party storage system.

Storage zones controller manages the persistent storage cache using configurable settings in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StorageCenter\SCFileCleanSvc\FileDeleteService.exe.config. The settings that are specific to a supported third-party storage system are noted in this discussion.

For uploaded files:

  • Storage zones controller places uploaded files in a persistent storage cache (the PersistentStorage folder).
  • The following settings control the timing of delete service operations:
    • MinDeletionAge specifies the minimum time span between when a file was last accessed and when it can be deleted. Defaults to 1 day. Minimum setting is 8 hours.
    • OffPeakTimeOfDayStart and OffPeakTimeOfDayEnd specify the start and stop times for file deletion. Defaults to 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.
    • ProducerTimerInterval and DeleteTimerInterval control the frequency of delete service operations. Please contact support if the default values (1 day) are not appropriate for your site.
  • The delete services also manages folders that contain temporary items such as encryption keys and queued files. The delete service removes those items 24 hours after they are created.
  • For supported third-party storage systems only:
    • The delete service determines whether a file in the storage cache has a corresponding blob in the supported third-party storage.
    • By default, every 10 seconds (CheckSizeThreasholdTimer) the delete service determines if the storage cache has exceeded a disk threshold of 10 GB (DiskSpaceDropoutThresholdGB). If the threshold is exceeded, the delete service removes files that have not been accessed in the past hour (CacheCleanupFileThreasholdPeriodUnExpected). Delete service runs as the result of normal scheduling (and not because the disk size reached the threshold). The service deletes files that have not been accessed in the past 24 hours (CacheCleanupFileThresholdPeriodNormal) if the blob is in supported third-party storage. If the blob is not in the third-party storage, the file remains in the storage cache.

For downloaded files:

  • When storage zones controller receives a download request, it downloads the file from the persistent storage cache if the file is there. If the file is not in that cache, the controller downloads the file from the third-party storage system to the persistent storage cache. The delete service removes files that have not been accessed for the past 24 hours (CacheCleanupFileThresholdPeriodNormal).

For deleted files:

  • The delete service gets from the ShareFile application a list of files that were deleted 45 days ago (Period).
  • The delete service then removes the corresponding files from the storage location or the corresponding objects from the third-party storage.

Delete Service default period

The Delete Service timer is set to 45 days. The 45 day default period overwrites any previous settings.


If the delete period is configured to less than 45 days, please contact support to reduce the number of days items are displayed in Recycle Bin so both time frames are equal.

  1. To modify the default period, edit FileDeleteService.exe.config at C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StorageCenter\SCFileCleanSvc
    • <!--No. of days to keep data blob in active storage after deletion-->
    • <add key="Period" value="45"/>
Manage storage zones for ShareFile data