10 tips to get your team on Podio

Most teams manage their workflows in spreadsheets, communicate via email and save their latest versions of a file… somewhere. For these teams, changing over to Podio is a true time saver – even more so when everyone is on board. We’ve seen many engaging and effective ways of improving team collaboration.

Here are 10 tips for you and your team to give you a head start:

  1. Ban internal email for a week: It works. In one week your communication will be more structured, your work more transparent and you’ll no longer receive annoying cc emails. Do you dare try?

  2. Add content people come back for: Podio is about getting work done, not just talking about it. Add important content and apps for your team – give them a good reason to come back.

  3. Locate the champions: On Podio everyone can set up the work tool for your team, no IT required. Spot the people most passionate about structure and workflows and help them become your superusers.

  4. Keep it simple: You can always broaden your use of Podio, there’s no need to overdo it on day one. Choose just a few apps to maintain focus on in the beginning.

  5. Support existing workflows: A new work tool doesn’t (necessarily) change what you do, but rather it changes how you do it. Start with what you already know by recreating your current workflows on Podio.

  6. Add your own language: Help your team feel at home by making the wording of your apps and workspaces recognizable. Did you get an app from the App Store? Just rename the app by modifying it.

  7. Import your most used spreadsheet: Having data people can relate to makes it much easier to get going. Create an app using an existing spreadsheet - Excel import

  8. Clarify your intentions: Podio can be used for many things, so share your motivation for using Podio with your team to help them understand the benefits. First step: add a personalized welcome message when inviting them in.

  9. Define the first actions What’s the first thing you’d like your team to do? E.g. create a new sales lead or add contact information to their profile? Communicating this will create focus and activate the team right off the bat.

  10. Make it fun Use the power of Podio apps to add some fun to everyday work. Add the high five app, the hero of the month app, or share links in the employee network that will make your team smile. When your team is using all of the great features in Podio, consider upgrading to Podio Basic, Podio Plus, or Podio Premium to get even more out of Podio.

10 tips to get your team on Podio

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