Storage zones controller


Upgrade storage zones controller 5.10 or later to the latest version


ShareFile recommends taking a snapshot of the server before the update and backup the Storage Zone Server configuration. To learn how to back up the storage zone configuration, see Back up a primary storage zones controller configuration

For issues with upgrading your storage zones controller, see Troubleshooting ShareFile Storage Zone Controller Upgrades.

Upgrade storage zones controller 5.10 utilizing the following steps.

  1. Download the latest version of the Storage Zone controller Software from the ShareFile download page.


    Storage zone controllers are unavailable during the upgrade and server reboots. To avoid a data loss, we recommend scheduling a maintenance window with users. Let them know the zone is unavailable for file transfers during the upgrade.

  2. Install the MSI file on the Windows server that has the storage zone controller installed. If you have multiple servers, the update should be installed first on the primary server and then on the others. There are two ways to identify which server is the primary server:

    1. Identify the primary storage zones controller from the Configuration page:

      • On a controller server, navigate to http://localhost/configservice/login.aspx or start the configuration tool from the Start menu. The permission to “create and manage zones” is required to access the configuration.

      • On the Data tab, check the Primary Zone Controller field. The field lists the primary zone controller’s server host name as http://server/ConfigService.

      Storage zones primary controller field

      Note the localhost in http://localhost/ConfigService indicates this server is the primary zone controller.

    2. Identify the primary storage zones controller from the Registry:

      • On a controller server, open Registry Editor (regedit.exe).

      • Locate the Registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\StorageCenter

      • Verify the key value isPrimaryConfigServer is true.

  3. Start the upgrade on the primary storage zone controller:

    1. Run StorageCenter.msi to start the ShareFile storage zones controller Setup wizard.

    2. Respond to the prompts. When the installation completes, the wizard displays the message “Completed Citrix ShareFile storage zones controller Setup Wizard.”

    3. Restart the server.

  4. On each secondary storage zone controller (if needed):

    1. Run StorageCenter.msi to start the ShareFile storage zones controller Setup wizard.

    2. Respond to the prompts and then select Finish.

    3. Restart the server.

  5. On all storage zone controllers, restart the IIS server of all zone members.

    1. Launch the CMD prompt and Run as Administrator.

    2. Type iisreset then hit the Enter key. If successful, the prompt indicates “Internet services successfully restarted.”

    3. Verify the registry settings on the primary storage zones controller are correct after the upgrade.

  6. After the upgrade installation, choose to Launch the storage zones Configuration page on any zone member to log in and modify any configuration settings.

    • To return to the storage zones controller console at any time, open http://localhost/configservice/login.aspx. After you click Finish or return to the storage zones controller console, the Logon page opens.


    Keep in mind that in order to login to the storage zone controller configuration page, you need to use an application specific password. If you need to create a new application specific password, see the following support article: Create an application specific password.

    • To change any of the displayed information, select Modify, make your changes, and select Save.


    Verify data transfers to each storage zone controller are functional before ending the maintenance window.