Quick Start Guide to Recruiting

Podio can be a great tool to manage your entire recruiting process.

If you haven’t created your Podio account already, you can sign up here.

  • To get started: Ask yourself how your recruiting process works. We recommend getting this down on paper, as this will give you a clear picture of what you’d like to accomplish with the help of Podio. The end goal of anyone’s recruiting process should of course be to hire someone amazing, but the road to the hire could vary between teams.

    In this tutorial we’ll describe one way of doing recruiting, but Podio’s flexibility offers infinite other possibilities. We recommend using this as a guideline which you can modify to fit your exact processes.

  • Setting things up: Go to the Podio App Market and find the Recruiting pack of apps. This is a great starting point to getting your recruiting workflow processed, social and efficient.

    Once you have the apps in your Recruiting workspace, have a look at the different apps within it. Perhaps get your standard contracts in there (there’s an app for that) and also think about what your recruiting channels are (surprise, there’s an app for that as well!).

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  • Using the apps: You can start by adding your open positions to the Job Openings app. Take a look at the default fields you can currently fill in to this app - you will likely want to modify it a bit to suit your process or customize it for the type of staff you’re hiring. Remember, everything in Podio can be customized!

    There’s also an app for Candidates. We recommend that this app be used as a webform, which is a public-facing link that allows anyone to add items to your app. This get new applications right into your Podio workflow without having to deal with email or spreadsheets. You can embed this webform onto your company website for applicants to fill out, or post the link to the form on your external job postings.

    When you receive some qualified candidates, schedule interviews with them in the Interviews app. Here you can have the interviews face-to-face or hold them via GoToMeeting. This is a fantastic way of discussing the candidate with your colleagues before, during and after the interview.

    When someone is hired, you can schedule the all-important on-boarding processes in the On-Boarding app. Here you can create checklists of what needs to be done before your new hire starts. You can use the Automatic Workflow tool to set up a default list of tasks that should be completed as part of the on-boarding process.

    We hope this can get you off to a good start. Keep in mind that this is just one of several ways you can set up your recruiting processes in Podio. You can remove any apps you find unnecessary and you can create new ones if something is missing. Please feel free to get in touch with our support team if we can assist you in your setup process. We would love to hear from you!

Quick Start Guide to Recruiting

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