Storage zones

Storage zone provides administrators the flexibility to choose between Citrix-managed, secure cloud storage, or IT-managed storage zones (on-prem) storage within your own data center. In addition to allowing users the ability to create and manage on-premises storage zones, users also have the option of utilizing Citrix-managed storage zones.

For more information about storage zones controller including components, data storage, and more, see Storage zones controller 5.x.

Select storage zone for root-level folders

Membership to the Super User Group is required to change another user’s default storage location. This permission is only available to Citrix Content Collaboration users on certain plans.

Enable the Limit access to files based on their content setting if you have one or more private storage zones configured to use a third party DLP system to scan and classify documents. With this setting enabled, sharing and access filters are applied to documents based on the results of the DLP scan. Use the settings on this page to define the sharing and access filters for each classification.

  • Unscanned documents - Allow these actions for documents that your DLP system has not scanned. This includes all documents stored in Citrix-managed storage zones or other storage zones where DLP is not enabled.
  • Scanned: OK - Allow these actions for documents that your DLP system accepted.
  • Scanned: Rejected - Allow these actions for documents that your DLP system rejected because they contain sensitive data.

Managing public storage zones on your account

Administrators can choose to enable a customized subset of Citrix-managed storage zones on their account. Storage zones can be viewed at Manage > StorageZones. From the StorageZones menu, select Citrix Managed.

From this menu, you can enable or disable specific zones on your account by clicking the check box to the left of the zone name. You can also edit the alias of a particular public zone by mousing over the Alias column to the right of the zone title. Edit the alias of a public zone to better suit the users on your account. In addition to editing your storage zones, you can see your current usage in MB in the Usage column.

Selecting the default public storage zone for a user

Account administrators can designate the default public storage zone for a specific user on their account, and allow the user to select a zone when creating a root-level folder.

  1. To modify the settings for a user on your account, navigate to Users > Manage Users Home.
  2. Locate the user you would like to modify using the Browse or Search function, then use the Manage icon to open the user’s profile page.
  3. In the Employee User Settings section of the user page, use the Storage Location menu to choose the user’s default storage zone.
  4. In the Admin Privileges section, you can choose to allow the user the ability to create and manage zones by clicking the check box to the left of Create and manage zones.
  5. Once you have finished managing your user’s storage zone and permissions, select Save Changes.
Storage zones