Citrix Files apps

Citrix Files helps you exchange files easily, securely and professionally.

Designed for business, Citrix Files is a file manager that offers secure data sharing and storage, customizable usage and settings, award-winning customer service, and tools that allow you to collaborate more easily and get your work done from any device — anytime, anywhere.

With your Citrix Files account and app, you can:


  • Access files and folders located in your Citrix Files account.
  • Edit files located in your Citrix Files account (not available on all plans).
  • Download and upload files between your Citrix Files account and your local device.
  • Sync files in your Citrix Files account from all of your devices.


  • Share or sync multiple files with multiple users at once.
  • Request files and provide secure links for recipients to upload files to your Citrix Files account.


  • Set custom access permissions to files and folders for individual users.
  • Specify a passcode for additional protection for your Citrix Files account.
  • Add users to existing folders in your Citrix Files account.

To download Citrix Files for your operating system, see below:


Visit the Citrix User Help Center for Citrix Files user guidance.

Supported languages

Citrix Files supports the following languages:

  • Dutch

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Spanish

Citrix Files apps