Email files to ShareFile


We’re taking steps to improve the security posture of file requests and sharing. All links default to use secure sharing options which apply across all ShareFile locations: ShareFile desktop app for Mac and Windows, ShareFile Web app, ShareFile Mobile app, ShareFile Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. See New secure sharing options to learn more about ShareFile secure sharing.


ShareFile cannot guarantee that this feature will function properly in all customers environments.

The following steps explain how to get a link to send files by email to your ShareFile account.

  1. Open you ShareFile account.

  2. Select Request Files from the Shortcuts tile on the ShareFile dashboard.

    Request files

    The Request files pop-up displays.

    Request files

  3. Select Edit to change the File location if necessary.

    The Upload Location pop-up displays. Select the new location then Done.

    Request files


    The default setting for files requests is File Box. For more information, see File Box.

    The Request files pop-up displays again with the updated file location.

    Request files

  4. Select Get a link.

    The Get a link popup displays.

    Request files

  5. From the Get a link popup, in the URL provided, select and copy the text following the URL(in the example below you would select and copy the text highlighted in blue:Request files)

    Request files

  6. With the highlighted part of the link copied, open your email software and compose a new message.

    Request files

    a. In the To field, paste the copied text followed by

    b. Select the add attachments icon to navigate and choose the file you want to email to ShareFile.

  7. Select Send to email the files you selected to ShareFile.

    Request files

  8. Open ShareFile and navigate to the folder selected to receive emailed files.

    Request files

  1. Select Edit options from the Get a link popup.

    Request files

    The Edit options screen displays.

  2. Review and set the following options:

    • Access options:

      • Who can access this link - Please configure using Anyone (public).

      • Access expires - select from various expiration settings for recipients.

    • Notifications:

      • Check box for Notify me when files are uploaded.
  3. Select Save to save the changes made to the link options.

Email files to ShareFile