ShareFile Virtual Data Room

ShareFile provides a simple virtual data room designed for your most complex deals.

Did you know…

  • ShareFile Virtual Data Room allows customers to easily configure HIPAA compliance and protect sensitive documents that are stored or distributed during confidential transactions.

  • When signing up for a VDR account, customers can now select the EU control plane. This enables VDR to be utilized internationally while being EU compliant and following stringent guidelines like GDPR.

  • ShareFile VDR users can secure client data by getting notified of unusual access to ShareFile account via email with Threat detection alerts.

  • ShareFile Virtual Data Room supports FINRA archiving as per the SEC rule 17a-4 guidance. To learn more, see ShareFile Archiving.

ShareFile Virtual Data Room (VDR) allows you to easily control, share, and track your secure documents — it’s your complete due diligence solution.

ShareFile’s web-based virtual data room allows parties around the world to access documents easily and securely with complete audit trails.


Existing ShareFile accounts cannot be converted to the Virtual Data Room account type.

To learn more about ShareFile virtual data room functions and features, see ShareFile Virtual Data Room user guidance.


  • Password protected files and corrupted files do not render correctly.

  • Virtual Data Room features are not enabled for non-VDR accounts.

  • Some Virtual Data Room enhancements are only available for US customers at this time.

Fixed issues

Currently, there are no fixed issues to report.

KNown issues

Currently, there are no known issues to report.

ShareFile Virtual Data Room