Admin overview

The Admin Overview page gives summarized information on your account using both Account Summary and Storage Usage. A View release notes link to What’s new in ShareFile documentation is provided at the bottom of the page.

Account Summary

The account summary dashboard provides the following details: Account Name, ID, Billing Plan Type, Billing Cost, Next Billing Date, Account Owner, and Allocated Licenses. The page also displays any entitlements on your account.

Account owner

This is an administrator whose skills and experience allow for greater permissions and who maintains all user permissions available on the account. It cannot be deleted by any other user. If an account feature is added to the account, the account owner automatically has access to the feature. Any other users must be granted access as desired by the account owner.

All subsequent access to the customer’s account is managed by the account owner or administrators designated by the account owner.

Identifying the account owner

To identify the current account owner, go to People > Browse Employees. The account owner has a special icon to the right of their name.

account owner 1

The account owner is also indicated on the Manage > Admin Overview page.

Changing the account owner

The current account owner can use the Reassign account owner option to designate a new account owner. Use the following steps to complete this task.

  1. To change the account owner for an account, the current account owner must sign in and navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Admin Overview.

  2. Select Reassign Account Owner.

    account owner 1

  3. Use “Search existing employees” to locate the new account owner then select Assign New Account Owner.

    account owner 1


  • The new account owner must be an employee user on the account, and that employee user must have signed in at least once.

  • The Reassign account owner option is only available to the current account owner.

If the current account owner is not available to place this request, contact ShareFile Support.


The Usage indicator shows the storage utilized (xxGB out of XXTB) and the date when storage was updated.

Admin overview