Data Room Index

You can generate a Data Room Index on a root-folder level. This report generates a list of all files and folders within this root level folder and include an index. The index feature assigns a number to all files and folders at the root level. Administrators can organize and track files and subfolders.

In order to create a Data Room Index, you must:

  • Have the “Access folder analytics” permission

  • Admin permission on the root-level folder

To generate a Data Room Index:

  1. Access the root-level folder (either a root-level Shared Folder or your My Files and Folders location)

  2. Access the More Options drop-down menu beside the folder name link

  3. Click Data Room Index

    A popup window will appear with a PDF listing of all files and subfolders within the folder.

    VDR index

All files and subfolders will be assigned a number. For example, Subfolder 1 will be assigned a number of 1 and all files within this subfolder will be assigned numbers in this order: 1.1, 1.2 and so on. Files within the folder will then be assigned [2], 3 and so on. This Data Room Index can be saved and printed so that the administrator can keep track of all the information within each root-level folder.


A data room index report cannot be generated for folder structures that exceed 10,000 items.

Data Room Index

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