Client portal


Sign into your client portal

We recommend watching this 2-min video about the new client experience:

Use the following instructions to sign into your client portal after receiving a request email from your servcice provider.

  1. Select the email message from your service provider.

    SF start page

  2. From the email message, select Complete request.

    The ShareFile Sign-in screen displays.

    SF start page

  3. Sign into your client portal using your credentials.

    The My Tasks screen displays with the requests from your service provider.

    SF start page

Using My Tasks

Use the following instructions to manage tasks in the ShareFile client portal.

  1. Select a task from the Open tab.

    SF start page

    The task opens in on the right side of the screen.

  2. Complete the task and select Submit.

    SF start page

    The Your submission has been recorded confirmation displays.

    SF start page

  3. Select the X in the top right corner to exit the task.

  4. Select the Completed tab to review your completed tasks.

    SF start page

Client portal FAQ

Why can’t I see any items in my client portal?

You have likely not been shared any items that do have a client task associated with it. If your service provider has said otherwise, they will need to contact ShareFile’s customer support to troubleshoot.

Do I still have access to my folders?

Yes, you can click on Folders in the top menu to interact with your shared folders.

Where will all of the documents I upload go?

Your service provider will have access to your files after uploading. You can also go to your completed tasks and download any file uploaded.

Where will I see the documents my service provider shares with me?

Depending on where your service provider puts them, you can find the documents shared with you in the Tax Returns tab or in the folders you are assigned to.

I can no longer see the projects – where did it go?

To streamline and organize client tasks, items in a project assigned to you will appear on your homepage as an individual tax item. You will no longer have to navigate through a project to find what’s outstanding to you.

What is the Tax Returns tab for?

This tab is the recommended location for service providers to upload your completed tax return.

Client portal