User roles and permissions

The following information provides descriptions for both user roles and user permissions in ShareFile.

User roles

User role Description
Account owner As the account owner, you have an employee user type with the highest level of permissions. This allows you to authorize account-wide settings and delegate privileges to other employee administrators. There is only one account owner role per account.
Administrator As a ShareFile administrator, you have an employee user type with granular administration privileges on the account. Depending on your administrator permission, you can authorize account changes on behalf of the account owner.
Super user As a designated user for the Super User Group, you have automatic access with full control (download, upload, delete, and share) to all new existing folders within a ShareFile account, and can manage all the account data.

User permissions

Permission Type Permission name and description
General Access company account permissions - Allows the user to access and change account-wide permissions.
Files and folders Allows the user to manage files and folders including assigning folders and setting permissions. For more information, see Folders.
RightSignature This allows electronic signature capabilities such as send for signature and view electronic signature documents. For more information, see Electronic signature.
Workflows Access other users’ Custom Workflows - Allows the user to manage Custom Workflows created by other users.
People Allows the user to manage employee users and clients. For more information, see People settings.
Company account info Allows the user to configure account settings such as branding, access reports, and other account tasks. For more information, see Company account info.
Billing This allows users to review receipts and billing information. For more information, see Billing.
Connectors Connectors allow employees to access files and folders stored on a connected on-premises or cloud-based resource. For more information, see Connectors.
Storage zones Storage zones controller extends the ShareFile Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud storage by providing your ShareFile account with private data storage. For more information, see Storage zones.
Advanced preferences This allows users to make changes to settings like email, SMTP servers, and more. For more information, see Advanced preferences.
User roles and permissions