File Provider for Mac

ShareFile for Mac uses Apple’s FileProvider API to sync data between your local Mac and online storage.

Supported versions

  • macOS 11.0 or later

Download ShareFile for Mac.

Notable features

  • Easy installation: Users do not have to configure system security, approve a kernel extension, or reboot.

  • Spotlight integration: Accessed files and folders are indexed and appear in Spotlight search.

  • Co-editing: ShareFile for Mac now supports co-editing with Microsoft Office 365.

Notable changes

  • Finder: ShareFile is now listed as a location in the Finder sidebar.

    Finder sidebar

  • Offline settings: Offline settings for files and folders are now managed by cloud icons.

    This new behavior is part of Apple’s FileProvider API.

    Open file in Mac screen

  • Cloud badges: Cloud badges are no longer displayed for files and folders.

    • A cloud icon indicates that the file is not cached for offline use. No cloud

    • If there is no cloud icon next to a file, it means that the file is cached and available for offline use.

    • Clicking the cloud icon downloads the file.

    • Clicking the cloud icon of a folder downloads the entire folder and contents.

  • Badge overlay: Badge overlay icons on files display differently. No cloud

  • Preferences: Preferences have been adjusted.

    Settings regarding caching and Offline Sync are no longer applicable

    Open file in Mac screen

  • Context menu: Context menu options are adjusted.

    Finder sidebar

  • Favorites: The contents of the favorites folder now consists of shortcut links pointing to the original items.


FAQ about FileProvider

What happens to cached/offline data from the previous installation of ShareFile for Mac?

The files remain cached on the local system.


  • Choosing to remove offline data when using the Tech Preview will also remove data from the previously installed version of ShareFile for Mac.

  • Resetting app settings will remove cached data from the older version of ShareFile for Mac.

How do I go back to the normal version of ShareFile?

You can uninstall the app using the help menu. Install the current release of ShareFile from

Where are the files I have downloaded/edited, cached?

The files in Finder are the actual files, there is no longer a corresponding cache folder for files that appear within ShareFile.

How does the app behave when going offline?

ShareFile files are placed into an offline state. In this state, only files and folders that have been previously cached, are accessible. Any changes made are queued up and ShareFile attempts to synchronize your changes remotely when returning online.


What can I do when encountering an issue?

Please report any issues through the help menu before troubleshooting.


Help two

General known issues with workarounds

  • Files must be completely downloaded before opening (Ex: streaming a video file).

    • Workaround: None.
  • Offline/Cached from previous versions of SFMac will not be available.

    • Workaround: None.
  • Offline/Cached content from one account is lost when switching to a different account.

    • Workaround: None.


    The app displays a warning and requires confirmation before removing content.

  • When upload/downloading the progress icon in Finder doesn’t reflect the actual progress of the upload/download.

    • Workaround: Use the dashboard’s Queue tab to view progress.


    Help two

File Provider for Mac