Default settings

Default settings can be edited during the Create a signature request workflow. This allows you to make adjustments to customize the experience for a specific signature request.

To access the Edit default settings while creating a request, from the Review and Send section of the workflow, select Edit default settings.


The Edit default settings pop-up displays.



When selected, you can provide automatic signature request reminders based on the time settings allowed.

Edit reminders

Email document recipients:

  • Weekly (on the third, seventh, fourteenth, twenty-first, twenty-eighth day)

  • Daily (starting on the seventh day until the thirtieth day) if a document is unsigned.


When selected, after the last signature request is completed, ShareFile Signatures sends an email with a PDF attachment of the completed signed document.

Edit attach


Documents larger than 10 MB are not provided.

Signature types

Select how you want the recipients of the request to sign using the following signature types available:

  • Allow drawn signatures - Select this signature type to allow the signer to draw their signature using a mouse or a touch device.


  • Allow typed signatures - Select this signature type to allow the signer to type their signature using a keyboard.


  • Apply blue ink to signatures - Select the blue ink signature option to distinguish a signed original from a photocopy. All original copies display the signature in blue.



    Blue Ink Signatures settings can only be changed by Admins.

Signer permissions

By selecting or de-selecting the checkbox, ShareFile signature users can enable or disable the download option that is available for signers before the document is signed.


Default settings