Decline to sign

ShareFile Signatures provides signers the ability to decline to sign a document.

Instructions for the signer

The following instructions explain the process of a signer declining to sign a document.

  1. You, the signer, receive a signature request email and you are asked to Review & Sign Document.

  2. Open the document using the link in the email.

  3. After reviewing the document, if you decide not to sign, select More Options. The Decline Document option displays.

    More options

  4. Select Decline Document.

    The Decline Document confirmation pop-up displays. Provide a reason for declining to sign.


    If the document is declined, there is no way to cancel and an automatic notification email will be sent to all relevant participants. Decline

  5. Select Confirm to complete the Decline Document process.


The Decline confirmation email is immediately sent to all relevant participants.

  • Sender received

    Request signature

  • Signer received

    Request signature

Decline to sign