Working Wonders with Webforms at Time Warner Cable

The eCommerce Interactive Marketing team at Time Warner Cable – one of America’s largest cable TV and high-speed Internet providers – has hundreds of internal stakeholders to work with, each representing different parts of their website. The team consists of over 50 designers, creatives, quality assurers and web producers – all of whom use Podio as their central place to organize and track requests for updates to digital channels.

Given the high volume of requests, the team created a Podio webform to enable all parts of the business to easily submit theirs. For example, if someone wanted to modify an FAQ on a support page, they’d use the webform to make the request. This gives the team uniform and structured information, all in one place – so requests can be easily reviewed and prioritized.

This was not always the case, as senior manager Aesha Sharrieff explains. Previously, different departments used separate tools, including SharePoint, email, JIRA and Trello. There was no centralized place for this information, leading to “organized chaos.”

Now, with their Podio workflow, the team can take requests collected through the webform and turn them into specific tasks using their own version of the Deliverables app – an app that Aesha says took “literally minutes” to create. The work is then distributed to the correct team members, with details of when it needs to be done by and an indicator of its current status.

Working this way with Podio has also reduced redundant communications. “With that social networking aspect of it, it allows us to be integrated on the same platform,” explains Aesha. “We can all see and share the same information, which we didn’t have before. Many different logins to remember – now we only have one.

“We work with people across the U.S., even Hawaii, so we can now communicate in real time. It just makes it a lot more effective compared to how we were working before. Previously, we’d have to wait for them to get on IM or respond to an email. Now we can see they’re online.”

The eCommerce Interactive Marketing team at Time Warner Cable are not the only ones to create a streamlined workflow that starts with a Podio webform. Thousands of teams receive structured sales enquiries, support tickets, event attendee information, job applications and more through the webforms they’ve created. To see how you can turn any of your existing Podio apps into a webform or how build one from scratch, check out this article and video in Podio User Guidance.

Working Wonders with Webforms at Time Warner Cable

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