Millimeter Group: Pioneers in Project Management

There’s something very special about the way Millimeter Group works with their customers. In an industry where being “out of office” is being at work and staying coordinated at all times is essential, Millimeter are pioneering a new way of working to provide a better experience for their clients: “We wanted to tear down the boundaries between us, our employees and our customers” explained founder Kenneth Christiansen.

On their website, Millimeter describes the service their customers can now expect: “Get closer to the job without necessarily being there, through our web-based collaborative platform where you, the customer, can easily keep up with the work we do through daily reports of progress with text, pictures and videos from engineers and project managers.”

Typical projects for Millimeter include exhibitions, installations and shop fittings for furniture and interior design companies. Details and deadlines are everything for Kenneth and his team. But initially, “we had a lot of customers calling asking where are you in the process? Has this and that showed up? It took a lot of our time and it took a lot of our customers’ time.”

Recognizing that his team needed better project management and more transparent work processes, Millimeter brought in BendixKiel, a Podio partner, to guide Millimeter’s transition into the world of Podio. The BendixKiel team interviewed employees and external design partners to ensure that processes were mapped correctly and a seamless experience was delivered to the client from the very first project.


To save time, Millimeter employees shifted from reacting to requests for information to providing a well-structured overview for clients to review when they desired. Along with dismantling inefficient project hierarchies and connecting everyone on the same, transparent level – meaning customers can contact the Millimeter team on site, rather than having to go through management.

This approach has paid off handsomely, Kenneth explained: “With Podio, we are years ahead of anybody else in the business. Right now nobody can compare with the service that we deliver. We’re not just a carpentry company or an exhibition company; we’re a lot more than that. We make everybody in this process look better and be more professional.

Millimeter Group: Pioneers in Project Management

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