Sign a document

Electronic signtaure requests might come from an email or embedded in a form you fill out on a website. The signing process is the same.

Instructions on signing a document

The following instructions explain the process of signing a document.

  1. Open the document by selecting Review & Sign Document in your email or from an online form in your browser.

    Review before sending.

  2. Complete the highlighted editable fields that are flagged with a red tick mark.

    Review before sending.

    Note: In the signature box, you can use your mouse to create a handwritten signature, or use the type-to-sign feature. Click Apply when finished.

    Apply signature.

  3. Select Submit Signature.

    Submit before signing.

  4. Confirm the signature and agree to the RightSignature Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and E-Sign Consent, by selecting Submit.

    Submit before signing 2.

You have now electronically signed the document.

Sign a document