RightSignature Firewall Configuration - IP addresses

ShareFile recommends as a best practice that customers leverage domain inclusion instead of IP address inclusion. This is due to frequent changes of cloud services to scale up and to introduce new services.

Domains to allow

  • *.rightsignature.com
  • *.amazonaws.com

RightSignature Control Plane IP Ranges

RightSignature utilizes a wide range of IP ranges to maximize performance. If domain inclusion is not possible, the IP ranges are available from Amazon Web Services. All IP ranges in the AWS list which meet the following criteria can be utilized by RightSignature.

“region”: “us-east-1”,

“service”: “AMAZON”,

“network_border_group”: “us-east-1”

Email Notifications

Add the following email address to your allowed list: documents@rightsignature.com

Add the following email domain to your allowed list: amazonses.com

RightSignature IP ranges

CIDR Notation Netmask
RightSignature Firewall Configuration - IP addresses