Configure electronic signatures

RightSignature allows you to customize your account including branding, integrations, and more.

Requesting API keys

Log into your RightSignature account to request an API key and manage your API credentials. For more information on requesting API keys, see RightSignature Resources.

Send and prepare documents

Electronic signature allows you to send documents to one or more parties. You can prepare a document for someone to sign in person. No emails or authentication needed.

Send document for signature

There are several ways to begin sending a document for electronic signature. Some workflows can begin in the Content Collaboration account or directly start a document in the RightSignature app.

After selecting a document to send for signature, employee users will be automatically redirect to the RightSignature browser app to prepare the document for sending.

Start Documents for signature in RightSignature and select from the following options:


To send each signer their own copy of the document, select an existing template.

Prepare a document for signature

After selecting a sending method, select a supported file type (PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX or RTF) from an available storage source.

Select Prepare Document to continue. The document will automatically convert into a PDF file to serve as the background for preparing a form or document ready for signature.

For more information on sending a document for signature, see the Citrix User Help Center article Send for signature.


Utilizing templates allow employee users to skip the document creation process with reusable documents ready to send for signature. Users with electronic signature sending capabilities can create template documents when logged into the RightSignature App.

Manage template settings

For employee users, select User Access. Under E-signature settings, select Manage e-signature templates. Users with the base level permission can create, edit, and delete their own templates and send template documents created by others. With Manage e-signature templates permissions, users can edit, delete, and send template documents created by others.

Create a template

Users can choose a new document to upload or select an existing document from storage. The template editor allows the user to prepare a document by adding signer and sender roles, document overlays, and merge field options.

A templates creator or employee users with the permissions to manage e-signature templates can edit or delete templates on the RightSignature app.

For more information on creating an electronic signature template, see the Citrix User Help Center article Create a template.

Edit a template

Follow these steps to edit an existing template:

  1. Select Templates in the left menu bar, then select the template that you want to edit from the menu.
  2. Select Details, and on the Details screen select Edit.
  3. If replacing the underlying source file used to create the template, select the red x. Afterwards, select the new source file of the template.
  4. Select Prepare Document to continue editing. You will first be able to edit the roles on the template - change the role names, edit the order, or add/delete roles. When finished with editing the roles, click Next: Place Fields.
  5. Next use the document overlay options to add, change, and remove various types of fields. When finished with edits to the document, click Next: Review.
  6. Edit the name, message, tags, expiration, and carbon copies for this template.
  7. When you are finished editing, select Create Template.

For more information on editing an electronic signature template, see the Citrix User Help Center article Edit a template.

Verify account settings

Use the account section in RightSignature to configure the settings for administrative tasks. Use Settings to verify changes to your account including:

  • Your Information - this includes your name, email, and avatar.

  • Account Information - this includes your company name, account name, and your current plan.

  • Verified Emails - You can add email addresses to send for signature. The dashboard displays all documents sent to any of these verified email addresses.

Require passcode for documents

Once enabled, a passcode is necessary to sign the document.

Default token expiration period

This feature lets you set an expiration for the request signature links sent.

Blue ink signatures

Select blue ink signature to distinguish a signed original from a photocopy. All original copies will display the signature in blue.

Enable integrations

Allow all your users to view and set the connection with other apps you use. By toggling it off, none of the users will be able to view the Integrations settings to enable/ disable the out-of-box integrations. This is to help centrally control all your users’ access to the available integrations.

Customize branding for signing experience

Branding options include setting up your company logo, color background and email header options.

  1. Select Account.

  2. Select Branding.

For more information on branding, see Set up your company branding in RightSignature.


The following reports are available in RightSignature:

  • Overview report - displays the total number of documents sent. This report also provides the average number of documents sent, viewed, and signed. Users are ranked in this report on the number of documents sent each month.

  • Efficiency report - compares the number of signed documents and the total number of documents sent each month. This ratio, presented as a percentage, reflects how efficiently each user collects signatures when sending documents.

  • Cycle time report - displays the average amount of time required to view and sign each users document. These figures reflect how quickly recipients are to execute each users document on a monthly basis.

  • Data exporter - exports the signing data from every copy of a Reusable Template, or every document with a shared tag. The data can be exported as a CSV file. The Data Exporter only pulls data from documents completed from the latest version of a template. Editing a template creates a new version so the Data Exporter will not return data from documents completed before the template was edited.

  • Enterprise report - provides account administrators on Enterprise level accounts the ability to export a complete list of all of the documents sent during a particular month. The data can be exported as a CSV file.

  • New usage report - provides account administrators on Enterprise level accounts the ability to export the number of sent and signed documents, as well as the median cycle time, for each user.

Add employee user

To add an employee user with electronic signature access, create or edit an employee user in the People section of your Content Collaboration account. Under User Access then E-signature settings, select Send documents for e-signature. The base level permission is suitable for standard users. One e-signature license is required to grant the permissions to electronic signature sending capabilities for supported files. Users can sign in and access templates and additional settings for the files they send for signature directly from the RightSignature app.

View all electronic signature documents

From User Access and E-signature settings, select View all e-signature documents. Users with the base level permission can also view all e-signature documents if logged into the RightSignature App. Use the base level permission when creating or editing an employee permitted to view all legal and secure documentation sent by other users with electronic sending capabilities. Login into the RightSignature app, to view all the documents sent from this account. On the Documents tab, in the Search Documents bar, click Filter, select All and check the Admin view box.

View all documents sent from your account

Billing and invoices

Receipts & Billing Notifications

To view or print billing receipts for your account, click the appropriate date on this page. You can request an email notification when your account is billed.

View receipts and billing notifications

The Receipts & Billing Notifications link in the Admin Settings > Admin Overview > Billing section allows any user with this permission enabled to download copies of any receipt or invoice for the account.

View all documents sent from your account

Configure electronic signatures