Workflow Automation: Update All Referenced Items

Use Update All Referenced to update ALL the Podio Items referenced in another App from the current Item.

Note: Does NOT require the Get Referenced Item collector step.

For example, we have a Workspace for Account with App A called “Audits” and App B called “Clients”. The Responses App B has a Relationship Field connected to New Prospects App A.

Start the flow by selecting the Trigger from App B and add any Filters required.

Add the Update Referenced action. Select the Podio App to update, App A, and add the selected fields to update.

Update referenced item 1

Additional Options include:

  • Silent - This Update will not show up in Podio notifications
  • Hook Event - Option to trigger a hook event, thus triggering another flow if set (turned OFF by default)
  • Authentication - This Update can be set to use the App or an Admin Member to make the Update

Update referenced item 2

Workflow Automation: Update All Referenced Items

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