Workflow Automation: Update Item

Use Update Item to update fields of the current Podio Item.

Start the flow by selecting the Trigger and add any Filters required.

Add the Update Item action.

Select the Podio field to update from the drop-down list.

Update Candidate

Note: You can add multiple fields which will count as 1 action from your usage. Select Add Field to select more fields to update in a single action.

Additional Options include: - Silent - This Item will not be bumped up in the Activity stream and notifications will not be generated. - Hook Event - Option to trigger a hook event, thus triggering another flow if set (turned OFF by default). - Authentication - This Update can be set to use the App or an Admin Member to make the Update.

Update Candidate Option

Note: Select Value from the drop-down to copy information from similar type fields. Use the Calc selection when using unique data from the Token Selector, copying data from different field types and to create custom PHP calculations.

Workflow Automation: Update Item

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