Workflow Automation: Update Widget

The Update Widget action will update an Image or Text Tile in a selected Workspace.

See Podio Help for more information on creating Workspace Tiles

Start the flow by selecting the Trigger and add any Filters required.

Add the Update Widget action.

Select the Podio Workspace from the drop-down list.

Update Widget 1

All available Widgets for the selected Workspace will be available in the dropdown. If the tile you created is not in the list, complete a Refresh from Podio to bring in new changes.

Update Widget 2

Additional Options include:

Authentication - This Update can be completed by an Admin Member in the App.

Once the Widget is selected, the Value can be selected. Select the available Image field or Value Token to show in the Tile.

Update Widget 3

This is especially cool using markdown in text widgets. See the new service status widget on the Workspace.

Workflow Automation: Update Widget

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