Workflow Automation: Images

Whether you’re using a Send Email action or creating a PDF in Workflow Automation, sometimes you want to add an image to your action.

We know sometimes this can be tricky depending on where the image is hosted, who has access, and the way we suggest inserting an image. Below we’ll walk you through how to add an image using a Send Email action, however, the exact steps can also be used when creating a PDF.

Click on the Image icon

WA Images 1

Enter the image file in the Source box. Note, the file type must be .img or .jpeg

We have a lock icon to constrain proportions. The Constrain Proportions lock lets you maintain the aspect ratio (the ratio of image width to image height). If you “lock” this option and change the image width and height, the image does not stretch or shrink. For example, if your image is square, it will remain square if you constrain proportions.

WA Images 2

If the image type you’ve entered into the Source is successful, once you hit Save, your image will appear in the Message Body.

WA Images 3

If your image is already hosted on a Podio item, you can use the Token selector to pull in the image.

WA Images 4


If you’re using a site to host your images, how do you find the correct file type to use in the Source?

Right-click on your image and hit Inspect.

This will highlight the URL you need to use. You can click the link and copy from the source or sometimes this will open the image file in a new tab where the URL will be in the correct file format.

WA Images 5

Please make sure you’re using a Public image if not already hosted in Podio.

Workflow Automation: Images