View and edit your paid plan

If you are the Contract Owner in an upgraded organization, you can view and edit your plan directly from your Podio account. You can do this anytime from the Billing page - click the My Account icon in the top blue bar, then choose “Billing” from the dropdown.


My plan tab

In the first tab, you can view the details of your plan. Here, you can add or remove paid seats.

You can also switch to an annual plan at a 20% discount to the monthly plan.

Plan Details

Fixed Price Plan

Pay for the licenses you need and use them as you see fit. You have peace of mind knowing exactly what you will pay each month. You are in control of the bill. You can also confirm the number of licenses to hold and how often you want to be billed.

Can’t add any more members to your workspaces?

The contract owner can update their plan to add more seats or remove members through the User Management tool to free up licenses.

Payment Summary

Fine Tune Plan

Billing Details tab

In this tab, you can edit your billing details and enter the email address to which your invoice should be sent. You can also change your credit card details here if you need them.


To help reduce the errors customers are currently facing with billing issues, Podio will begin to send out invoice emails on weekends only temporarily. This will include any pending invoices.

We’d like to encourage you not to wait for your invoice via email and to check your invoice history in Podio.

If you are getting an error when trying to pay an invoice that was not auto-pulled and/or are receiving a notice your account is past due and will be blocked, contact Support so we can extend your invoice due date so your account will not be blocked and the warning banner will disappear.

Invoice history tab

Here, you will have a full overview of all your paid invoices with the option to download them. You can also pay any overdue invoices here.

Change the plan of your paid plan

If you need to change the plan to Premium to get access to the Premium tools like Workflow Automation or go back to the Plus plan, the Contract owner can do this directly using the Pricing page - click the My Account icon in the top blue bar, then choose “Pricing” from the dropdown.


Need More Help?

If you have more than one contract with us, you can choose which one you’d like to view here.

You have different options to view and edit details, and you can always get in touch if you need help or contact us directly in a private support ticket.

View and edit your paid plan