Introduction: Podio Basics

Learn The Structure of Podio and how to customize it to suit your team – this is the key to getting the most out of Podio as quickly as possible. If you haven’t created your account already, you can sign up here.

Here are our four top tips for getting the best start with Podio:

  1. Take a Guided Tour – see what you can do with Podio and how a complete Podio setup works. We recommend watching the video in full screen.

  2. Learn the Structure – see how work is organized in Podio.

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  3. Create an app – it might sound daunting, but we promise it isn’t! In every Podio workspace you’ll see the Add App icon. Click the icon, then select “Create your own app”. Our video guide to app building will help you understand the building blocks and how to transform your existing processes and ideas into an app. We recommend watching the video in full screen

  4. Add Content to Your Apps – there are a few ways to add content to your new apps. You can simply create new items in the apps – for example new projects, sales leads, or anything you choose to organize in your apps. Or, if you have existing data stored in a spreadsheet, you can import the spreadsheet into a Podio app using our Excel import tool. You can also enable a webform for your app – for example, if you’ve created a Job Candidates app, you can enable the webform and add it to your website so you’ll get structured information pushed directly into your app for your team to take action on.

  5. Learn about additional Podio features - While building and using apps is the core of Podio, there is so much more to offer! We highly recommend watching this more in-depth introduction to get an overview of the other features in Podio.

We hope these five tips help you get the most out of Podio and enable you to collaborate more efficiently than ever before. If you have any questions, feel free to leave us a comment below so we can help you out.

Introduction: Podio Basics

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