Create auto-fill agreement templates

Accelerated Agreements is a new feature that allows you to create auto-fill agreement templates to automate the prospective client onboarding experience.


For Salesforce Leads and Quickbook Customers, see Integrations for steps on how to add prospective client data from these tools.

Use the instructions below to create auto-fill templates.


  1. In your ShareFile Premium account, navigate to People > Prospective Clients to open the Browse Prospects screen.

  2. Select an existing Prospect or click Add Prospect. For more information on adding a prospect, see Accelerated Agreements.

    add client

  3. Select the new prospect from the list by checking the box next to their name.

    select template

  4. Select Send Client Agreement. The Select a template screen displays.

    select template

  5. Select Create a Template. The Upload screen displays.

  6. Select Upload a File to browse for a document in your system or select Choose from Cloud.

  7. Once the document template is displaying in the Prepare template screen, use the right pane to expand the Data Fields for Prospect. Customize the template utilizing the data fields.

    select template

  8. Select Create Template to save the template.


    • The template is created under the filename of the document uploaded.

    • The template is saved under your RightSignature account and is available for any future agreements.

    • Templates can be edited or deleted under the RightSignature Templates screen.

  9. Use the Preview - Client Agreement screen to review. If correct, select Send.

    select template

The client will receive and email requesting action.

Create auto-fill agreement templates