Sharing files using Citrix Files for Android

The following steps explain how to share files in ShareFile using your Android device.

  1. Navigate on your device to the folder holding the files you want to share.

  2. Tap the vertical ellipsis.

  3. Tap Share from the menu.

    Citrix Files for Android Delete

  4. The following screen allows you to select from the following options: Share by Citrix Files Email, Copy a Link, or Send a Copy. For these steps, we are going to use Share by Citrix Files Email.

    Citrix Files for Android share

    A “File deleted” message appears at the bottom of the screen.

    Files confirm delete

  5. Tap Share by Citrix Files Email.

  6. Enter a Recipient for your message. You can enter an email address manually, or select users from your address book.

  7. Enter a Subject for your message. You can enter additional text in the body of your message if needed.

  8. Edit Message Options allows you to customize the following:

    • Send me a copy of this email - Receive a copy of the email message
    • Require recipients to log in - Require that recipients log in with their Citrix account. If your recipient is not already a user on your account, they are required to create a user name and password before accessing the file.
    • Notify me when files are accessed - Receive a notification email when the file is Viewed or Downloaded
    • Allow recipients to - choose from view and download with watermark or have full control.
    • Access expires - Set how long you want the download link to be accessible. If sending a file stored on your computer, this defaults to the default length of time files can remain in the File Box
    • Accesses per user - Limit the number of views or downloads
    • Always link to the latest version of the file - This feature is only available to users with File Versioning enabled.
  9. Click Send File Link when ready. A “File shared” message appears at the bottom of the screen.

Follow the instructions for your Mail app to send the message that includes the link. The recipient receives a message:

Android email confirms

Sharing files using Citrix Files for Android

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