Manage your ShareFile storage

Five ways to clean data and reduce storage

If your account’s storage consumption is high, you can free up space in your account by self-cleaning your storage. We recommend you follow these tips to maintain ShareFile storage hygiene:

  • To delete unnecessary, infrequently used files from personal folders:

    • Sort files & folders by size to see the largest or smallest file or folder.

    • Sort files & folders by upload date to identify the oldest file or folder not accessed.

  • Delete unsupported and large audio or video files.

  • Limit the file versioning. See File versioning for more information.

  • Delete messages with large attachments from ShareFile Inbox.

  • Clean ShareFile Recycle Bin.


Once a file is deleted from ShareFile, it cannot be restored. We recommend you save files locally if needed.

Allocate more storage

Storage and employee accounts can be added to most plans. Contact ShareFile Support, and we’ll help you design the perfect ShareFile plan for your business.

Manage your ShareFile storage