File Drops

When enabled, a file drop link allows you to designate a created File Drop as the upload destination. Once created, this link allows visitors to select an employee user on your account and drop files into the employee users File Box.

When choosing the File Drops option, use the list to choose from a list that you previously created.


While this feature generates a URL you can use on your website, ShareFile does not provide additional code or advice beyond the provided URL.

Create File Drop

The following information provides the steps necessary to create a File Drop in ShareFile.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Advanced Preferences > File Drops.

  2. Select Create New File Drop.

    account owner 1

  3. Enter a name for the File Drop then select Create File Drop.

  4. Select recipients. Use search to find employee users.

    account owner 1


    Select Make public to make this filedrop accessible from your ShareFile subdomain (

  5. Select Save Changes to complete the creation of the file drop.

For more information, see File Box.

Managing File Drops

Existing File Drops can be viewed and changed by navigating to Settings > Admin Settings > Advanced Preferences > File Drops.

To remove a previously created File Drop, select the check box next to the File Drop and click the Delete Selected File Drops button.

To view the URL that the individual File Drop is accessible from, click the corresponding icon under the Direct Link column.

Integrate with Remote Upload Forms

Remote Upload Forms let you place HTML code on your web site that allows visitors to upload files from your web site directly into your account. You can specify the folder that uploaded files are saved to and what additional information to collect from the person uploading files.

Navigate to Settings > Admin Settings > Advanced Preferences > Remote Upload Forms to create a new form. For more information, see Remote Upload Form.

File Drops