Getting started with ShareFile

To get started with ShareFile, follow the instructions under Get ShareFile to:

  • Securely create, store, and send files

  • Discover document workflows designed to improve your client experience

System requirements

ShareFile is accessible by any computer with a supported web browser and an internet connection. In order to utilize all features and functions of the ShareFile web application, we recommend the following browser types:

  • Microsoft Edge - Latest version

  • Mozilla Firefox - Latest version

  • Google Chrome - Latest version

  • Apple Safari - Latest version


    Due to issues with displaying certain folders and menus, the ShareFile web application may not be accessible via Safari in Private Browsing mode.

Get ShareFile

  1. Type in your supported browser.

    SF start page

  2. Select Get Started.

    The ShareFile Plans and Pricing page displays.

    SF start page

  3. Select Buy Now in the plan that you want.

    SF start page

    The Plan Details page displays.

  4. Under Subscription details select the number of users and your preferred billing cycle.

    SF start page

  5. Select Continue.

    The Account Information page displays.

    SF start page

  6. Enter the required information and select Continue.

    SF start page

  7. Enter your billing information and select Continue.

    The Payment details screen displays.

    SF start page

  8. Enter your payment information then select Buy Now.

    The ShareFile Thank You screen displays asking you to check your email for the activation link.

Signing in for the first time

Once you locate your ShareFile account activation message in your email, complete the final steps to start using ShareFile for the first time.

  1. In the Welcome to ShareFile message, select Creat your account.

    Email activation message

  2. The Choose a password screen displays.

    Email activation message

  3. Create your password and confirm it, then select Continue.

    The Set up 2-factor authentication screen displays.

    Email activation message

  4. Enter the phone number that you want to use for 2-factor text messages or phone calls.

  5. Select Send code to initialize the 2-factor process.

    The Verify your phone number screen displays.

    Email activation message

  6. Check your phone for the code and enter it in the Code field then select Continue.

    The Choose your security question screen displays.

    Email activation message

  7. Select from the list of questions then provide the answer in the field.

  8. Select Continue.

    You’re ShareFile dashboard displays. Welcome to ShareFile.

    SF start page

Getting started with ShareFile