Payment field for credit card processing

ShareFile signatures provides users with Stripe integration the ability to add credit card processing by using a payment field from the Place fields page.

Who will be able to see the payment field while sending a Signature Request?

The Payment option is visible only to the users who have Stripe integration enabled in RightSignature.

If a user has Stripe Integration already enabled in RightSignature, the user can see the Payment field in the left panel of the “Place Fields” page.

For now, users cannot integrate with Stripe from ShareFile directly.

Use the following instructions to add a payment field when creating a signature request.

  1. Once you have progressed to the Place fields part of the create a signature request flow, select Payment from the fields menu. See Create a signature request for more information on starting a signature request.


  2. Drag the Payment field to the document and place it.


  3. Use the Payment menu on the right to manage the following settings:


    • Assigned to: - if sending to multiple recipients, use this field to select one.

    • Payment type


      • Collect card details: use this option if you just want to collect card information.


      • Charge once signed: Use this option if you want to charge the recipients card once all signers have signed.
    • Require field - use if the recipient is required to make a payment post signing (or) provide credit card information.

    • Name field - allows you to rename the field.

    • Add help text - help text for recipients while signing.

    • Remove field - deletes the payment field.

  4. Select Next step to continue the signature request.

Payment field for credit card processing

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