ShareFile allows you to eliminate manual data entry by automatically syncing prospective client data with various third-party software packages.

The integration allows users to connect ShareFile to these applications and automate the flow of information between the two platforms without the need for coding.

Browse integrations in the ShareFile Catalog

Use the following instructions to download third party integrations from the ShareFile Catalog.

  1. Open ShareFile in your web browser.

  2. Select Catalog from the menu.

    SF start page

    The ShareFile Catalog page opens in a new tab.

    SF start page

  3. Select Install by the integration that you require.

  4. Select New Connection.

    The Create connection screen displays.

    SF start page

  5. Type in a name for the connection.

    SF start page

    The third party application opens in a new tab.

    SF start page

  6. Sign into the application.

  7. Follow the prompts to connect the application to ShareFile.


Select from the list of tasks below to use the application you use to sync with ShareFile.

Import customer/client information

  • QuickBooks - allows you to add Quickbook customers to your ShareFile account.

  • Salesforce - allows you to add Salesforce Leads to your ShareFile account

Export to an application from ShareFile

You can export files from folders to third-party solutions saving time, reducing errors, and streamline your workflow.