File Box

File Box allows you to temporarily store your files when sending or requesting files.

File Box allows the employee user to receive files directly from visitors when a designated link from File Drops is created. For more information, see File Drops.


  • The File Box adheres to the account-wide Retention Policy. If no account-wide retention policy has been set, the File Box will adhere to a default retention policy of 6 months (180 days).

  • To store files for a longer period, use Move to store your files in a permanent folder.

  • The current retention policy of your File Box is displayed toward the top of the File Box menu in ShareFile.

  • If you choose to take away a user’s access to the File Box, they are not able to use any email plug-in tool or add files from their computer when creating a share message or link.


In order to use a File Box, you must have the Use personal File Box permission. If you do not have access to the File Box, please contact your ShareFile administrator.


  • The retention policy for File Box is account wide and cannot be changed per user.

  • File Box does not support versioning of files which means files cannot have multiple versions.

  • Files with the same name can be uploaded to File Box and will not overwrite the existing files. Both files will exist as separate entities.

Accessing your File Box

To access your File Box, navigate to Folders > File Box.

File Box