ShareFile web-app dashboard

The ShareFile dashboard provides quick insights and information using categorized tiles. The tiles display information about recent files that were accessed, shortcuts to your most frequently used actions, items you marked as favorites, and ShareFile tutorials.

ShareFile dashboard tiles

Dashboard tiles

There are four tiles available for you to use in your dashboard.

  • Recent Files - Displays the most recent files accessed across all of your ShareFile devices.

  • Shortcuts - Displays frequently used actions as well as quick access to certain folders.

  • Tutorials - Provides videos and helpful articles that will help you get the most out of your ShareFile account.

  • Favorites - Displays files and folders you marked as Favorite with a shortcut to them.

Edit Dashboard

You can toggle the dashboard tiles on and off depending on your needs.

Editing dashboard tiles

Select Save when you finish with your selections.

Once saved, you can use your cursor to drag and drop the tiles around in the dashboard to customize your view.

Editing dashboard tiles

ShareFile web-app dashboard