Sending a signature request to multiple recipients

When requesting a signature, you can request that multiple signers complete the signature request for the same document.

The ability to set the signing order is available. This allows you to stagger the request delivery based on the order you set when you create a signature request.

Add recipients

Use the following instructions to add recipients to a signature request.

  1. Under the Who are the recipients? section, select Add recipient to send the signature request to multiple signers.

    Drag icon

  2. Enter the recipient information including Name and Email.


    • Set signing order toggle allows you to stagger the requests based on the order set during the request for addition signers. For more information, see Set signing order.

    Drag icon

  3. Select if the recipient is to be a signer or viewer of the document.

  4. Select Next Step.

    The Place fields screen displays.

  5. Select the fields that you want to add to the document. For a multiple signature request, repeat the field selection for each signer using the Signers drop-down list.

    Drag icon

  6. Select Next Step.

  7. Verify the Document name and edit if necessary.

    Drag icon

  8. Select Edit to choose where you want the signed document to be stored or leave the default setting.

    Drag icon

  9. Add an optional note for the signer.


  10. Set the expiration for the request.


  11. Select the Passcode toggle to generate a code the signer must open the signature request.


  12. Select the Knowledge-Based Authentication toggle to require recipients to verify their identity with a knowledge-based quiz. Each signer must independently verify before signing the document.



    Signers will be locked out of the document after 3 failed attempts.

  13. Under Default settings select the optional Edit Default settings or skip to the next step. For more information on the setting options, see Default settings.


  14. Select Save if you made any changes to the default settings.

  15. Select Send signature request.


Set signing order

Use the following instructions if you need multiple signers to sign the document in a particular order.


The first signer listed must complete the request before the second signer receives an email and so on.

  1. Once you completed adding the recipients for a signature request under the Who are the recipients? section, select the Set signing order toggle.


  2. Select the drag icon Drag to change the order of recipient signature request delivery.


  3. Select Next step when you completed setting the signing order.

Sending a signature request to multiple recipients