About ShareFile in Google Workspace

The ShareFile add-on is seamlessly integrated into your productivity tools and transforms collaboration, simplifies file sharing, and supercharges productivity. To add ShareFile, visit Google Workspace Marketplace.

Simplify file sharing

Say goodbye to manual downloads and uploads – with just a few clicks you can securely share from ShareFile and receive files in ShareFile all from your Gmail. Whether it’s large documents, multimedia files, or important presentations, effortlessly include them in your work without worrying about attachment size limits.

Secure collaboration

Effortlessly collaborate with ShareFile add-on - You can grant specific permissions to recipients, ensuring secure and controlled access to shared files and folders. You can track document accesses and keep everyone on the same page by linking to the latest version of files.

Work productively from anywhere

Access the ShareFile add-on from any browser or device and access the most up-to-date information because ShareFile automatically syncs your files across devices.

About ShareFile

Join over a million users who have embraced ShareFile as their go-to solution for secure file sharing and content collaboration. Simplify your workflow, enhance collaboration and elevate your productivity with ShareFile.

About ShareFile in Google Workspace