Create a folder using the ShareFile web-app

If you are an employee user, the Personal Folders section is visible within your ShareFile account. By default, you have the ability to upload and download files from this folder. You also will be able to create subfolders inside this folder and add other users to those subfolders with permissions you select.

The Shared Folders section of your account contains all folders (created by you or other users) that you have been granted access to. This is considered the root of the entire account.

Folder Retention policy

Personal and shared folders might be subject to a retention policy set by the Admin of your account. To view the retention policy set by your ShareFile administrator, click the Advanced Folder Options link under More Options beside the folder name. Under File Retention Policy you can view how long your files will stay in the folder before deletion.


The following information provides the steps necessary to create and manage folders in ShareFile.

  1. Navigate to either Personal Folders or Shared Folders in your ShareFile account.

  2. Hover your cursor over the blue plus sign and select Create Folder.

    file upload success screen

  3. Type in the folder Name and Details.


    • ShareFile does not allow you to have duplicate folder names on the root of the account or in the same parent folder.
    • If you would like to allow other users to access this folder with specific permissions, click the checkbox for Add People to Folder. Leave this box unchecked if you do not wish to add users at this time, or if you plan to add users at a later date.
  4. Select Create Folder.

To create subfolders, repeat the above steps.


  • Personal Folders are named with email address of the user at time of first login.
  • If the user’s email address is updated, the Personal Folder name will not change.
Create a folder using the ShareFile web-app