Projects is a feature for ShareFile Premium users to improve their client collaboration workflows.

ShareFile Projects is a space centered around document collaboration. Projects is offered both in internal ShareFile accounts and external user portals. Projects enable users to track and engage in client collaboration, such as Document requests, all in one place.


For a list of FAQs for both ShareFile Projects and Document requests, see FAQ - Projects and Document Request.

Creating a Project

  1. Navigate to Projects in the left side menu.

  2. Select Projects.

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  3. Select Create project.

    The create project pop-up displays.

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  4. Type in a name and optional description for the project. This can be edited later if necessary.

  5. Select Create project. The new project dashboard displays.

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Manage Project users

The following information explains the process of managing the users on a particular project.


The only role that can add additional Project Owners is the current Project Owner only. So prior to deleting a user who is the Project Owner, you must assign an additional Project Owner. If a new Project Owner is not assigned before removing the current Project Owner, a new Project Owner can not be added and the Project cannot be deleted.

Owner / Contributor Description

Role Description
Client Can only edit and delete their own content in the project unless the client is provided access with the ability to add other contributors within their organization.
Team member Are counterparts in the project owners organization and can assist with anything in the project. They cannot delete the project owner or other team members from the project.
Owner Can edit and delete anything in the project and has the ability to delete the projects they created. Project owners can also add team members from their organization to work on the project.
Custom Limited Limits permission so they can only see the name of the project and its description. It also limits the permissions they can be granted to those available to a client user.
Custom Assumes no permissions or role (client or employee) and lets a project owner choose only the permissions that a user should have.

Inviting users

Project owners can invite users to a specific project they own and can provide those users default access roles or custom access.

The following instructions include the steps necessary to invite new users including both contributors and team members.

  1. Select … More options then Manage project users. The Manage project users pop-up displays.

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    Project users can be an internal user (owner or team member, client, client limited or custom)


    There are additional capabilities accessible now by the 3 dot menu to the right of a Project User.

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    For more information, see Managing user permissions

  2. Select Share with others to add other users to the project.

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  3. Type the name of the user you want to add.

  4. Choose the permission set based on the type of user your are inviting. For more information regarding permissions, see Managing user permissions.

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  5. Provide an option message for the user.

  6. Select Share.

Managing user permissions

View Permissions

Select View Permissions to review what a particular user is able to do in the shared project.

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Edit Permissions

Select Edit Permissions to make changes to what a particular user is able to do in the shared project.

This allows you as the Project owner the ability to customize each users access in the project.


Some permissions are automatically modified based on your selections. You can change those permissions as needed.

Project permissions

These permissions apply to the project and everyuthing in it.

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Content specific permissions

Use these settings if you need a user’s permissions to vary based on the type of content.


Users always have full permissions for any content they create.

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Remove User

Select Remove User to remove a particular user from the project. You can add the user back by inviting them to the project again.


Tasks allows you to organize and track back-office work related to a client project inside the project itself. For complete information on how to use this feature in Projects, see Tasks.

Document requests

Document requests is a request list tool to request and collect documents securely and digitally. For complete information on the process of using document requests to complete tasks on both the service provider side and the client side, see Document Requests.

Upload files

The following information explains the steps necessary to add files to a project.

Files such as .docx, .pdf, .jpg, .xlsx, and more, can be shared across the project with the invited users.

  1. Select the Files tab in the Projects dashboard or select View all in the Files tile to access or add files.

  2. Select Upload a file.

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    The file upload pop-up displays.

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  3. You can drag the file to the Drag files here section or select Browse files to navigate to the file to upload.

  4. Select Upload. The upload window displays allowing you the option to add more items. Once you have selected the required files, select Upload to complete the process.

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The file is available for assigned project users to review.

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Comments are used to communicate in the project with other assigned project users.

  1. Select View all in the Comments tile on projects dashboard. This opens the Comment viewer.

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  2. Type in a comment using the text box. Select Submit.

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All assigned project users can review the comments and provide their own comments or respond to the previous comments.

Delete a Project

See Delete Projects for information on how to delete a project.