Create an application specific password

The following information provides the steps necessary to back up a ShareFile account.

When Two-Step Verification is required, some ShareFile applications do not support the two-step method for authentication.

These tools do not support two-step verification:

  • FTP
  • User Management Tool
  • Custom API script
  • Storage zone controller configuration page
  • WebDAV
  • Legacy applications

Generate an Application-Specific Password

In order to login into unsupported tools when two-step verification is required, you must create an application specific password. The app-specific password will be used instead of your typical password + Citrix verification code.

  1. To create an app-specific password go to Personal Settings > Personal Security > Two-Step Verification > scroll down to Application-Specific Passwords, and click Generate Password. App Specific Password 1

    Note: Each generated passwords may only be used for a single application. You must generate separate passwords where the application-specific password is required.

  2. Enter a Password Label for the app it can use. This label will help you identify the app if you ever desire to revoke access to use this password.
  3. After clicking Generate, click the Copy to clipboard and save this password to a secure credential manager. You will not be able to view this password again. App Specific Password 2
  4. Next, Paste the new password into the password field of your app.

Delete an Application-Specific Password

Access the user Two Step Verification settings in Personal Settings > Personal Security > Two-Step Verification.

  1. Scroll down to Application-Specific Password > Generated Passwords.

  2. Click Delete next to the application’s label. App Specific Password 3
  3. Take note, there is an option to Delete All Generated Passwords for your user account.

Revoke Access to an application using Application-Specific Password

In the case where you need to log out of an application logged in with an application-specific password, go to Personal Settings > My Apps & Settings.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the application.

  2. Click Revoke.

    Note: Administrators can access another user’s Apps & Settings in the People section. Browse for the employee or client user and click on their name to edit their profile settings. In the Actions pane, click Manage connected Apps and devices. Select the checkbox next to the application and click Revoke.

  3. Generated application-specific passwords need to be deleted to deny future use.
Create an application specific password