Requesting files using ShareFile in Outlook Online

Use the following instructions to request files using ShareFile in Outlook Online.

  1. Navigate to your Outlook Online account.

  2. Select New mail to open up a new message window.

  3. Select the ShareFile icon in the Outlook Online ribbon bar.

    ShareFile icon

  4. Select Request Files from the drop-down menu.

    copy file

  5. You can edit the request settings or accept the default settings and continue to the next step.

  6. Select Request to enter the request link to your message.

    request file

  7. Verify your recipients, the Subject, and optional message to requesting a file, then select Send.

    request file

Request File settings

Before creating the request link you can review and set the following request settings:

  • Access options:

    • Who can access this link - select from the following:

      • Anyone (name and email required)

      • Email recipients (sign-in required)

      • Anyone (anonymous)

  • Access expires - select the period of time you want to save as default.

  • Notifications:

    • Check box for Notify me when files are accessed.
  • Upload location - the default is set to your File Box but you can set another ShareFile folder for the requested file.

Requesting files using ShareFile in Outlook Online